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Leadership,Inc., a 5-year start-up company, was founded under a mission of promoting the procedure of digitalization to release labor intensive, time consumption, and high cost for the bookkeeping industry. The accounting professionals will benefit on the better qualiy of tax services and a higher security of data storage and management from the renovation.

Leadership,Inc., has earned ISO9001 and ISO27001 certificates and owned two patterns in its products also SBIR, SIIR, ets...

Leadership,Inc., apply AIS Cloud digital services are developed to assist the transition of the accounting professionals from traditional paperwork to digital data management by the easy hands-on training and the simplified bookkeeping flow to achieve the e-environment. The services mainly provide cloud tax document management, automation of bookkeeping process, and digital tex report to speed up the adopt the change for accounting professionals.

3 light-waigh applications are:

CDPC: work with Cloud Data Processing Center for accounting from anywhere. Time saving 80%, productivity 50%+

FinMGMT: A mobile app to manage the accounting information for small-medium size companies by themselves. It is a great platform of communication inbetween the companies and the accounting professionls.

DocAssitant, the fulfillment of ESG: A tool to work with the internal control system to achieve paperless environment for remote audit.