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Chia-Tang Information Co., Ltd. (Kaohsiung Branch)

CTinfo Media XR enhanced Design Visualization , Training , Operations and Maintenance to support operators in the maritime industry.

It also increases efficiency and asset longevity, ensuring profitable, safe operations in shipbuilding field. Incorporates Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) integrated with AIoT into a industrial system to overcome today ́s challenges in engineering projects and marine operations and maintenance.

Our team focus on supporting companies (shipbuilding companies) how adopted digital innovation technologies to achieve business value, such as Systems Engineering, 3D CAD, Digital Simulation, PLM, ERP, Visualization MR/AR/VR, Digital Twin, Smart Manufacturing, IIOT and Industry 4.0. We design and implement a XR based maintenance and management system for marine communication and navigation equipment. The system consists of four parts: XR editing module, XR training module, user behavior analysis module, XR intelligent deduction module and user management module function module.