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【2022 Greentech Startup Challenge】Apply until 31th, May. Up to 1 million amount for each case!


In order to promote the development of green technology innovation, the Small and Medium Enterprises Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has jointly organized the Greentech Startup Challenge Contest through the Startup Terrace including Linkou and Kaohsiung this year.


It is arranged that famous enterprises will create issues which focus on green technology such as net zero carbon emissions and carbon negative. Startups which have innovative proposals are encourage to participate with high incentives. Also, startups may have the potential opportunity to cooperate with famous enterprises to explore business opportunities.

Schedule for Greentech Startup Challenge Contest 

17 enterprises which include FIC, ASE, AU Optronics, AUO Envirotech, Delta Electronics, TSMC, MIC, ASKEY, ADVANCED GROUP, Advantech, SYSCOM GROUP, CREATIVE WAY GLOBAL, HOPAX, RITEK, CPC, TPC, and TIPC invite startups enterprises to resolve issues.


Applicant qualifications


1. Startups which established after January 1st,2015 ;and in accordance with "Small and Medium Business Certification Standards"


2. Anyone who falls under any of the following circumstances does not meet the eligibility for application. If the violator is verified, the application will be revoked; the winner will be revoked and the prize will be returned:


A. Cases has suspended the right or punished due to the execution of the government plan.


B. The issue of unpaid tax dues.


C. The winning companies are not allowed to use the same or similar projects to repeatedly apply for incentives or subsidies to other Taiwan government agencies.


D. Mainland-funded enterprises announced by the Investment Review Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs


Application Deadline: Applications are acceptable since the announcement. The application deadline is May 31,2022 (Subject to the email delivery time)


👉For more information, please keep an eye on the website: