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2022 Smart City Expo Kaohsiung


“Give me Five, Give me High.”

When the VIPs print their handprints, they also light up the future of smart city. 2022 Smart City Expo Kaohsiung lasts for 3 days. On the first day of 24/3, many distinguished guests were invited to kick off the event for us.

The four VIPs printed their handprints on the tablet in sequence. At the moment of touch, the handprints were transformed into four handprints of different colors through animation. The exhibition area symbolizes the creation of a smart city through multi-party contracts, making concerted efforts to move towards a better future.


Event date:24/3/2022(THU)-26/3(SAT) 

Pavilion Theme:Your_Vision_Our_Future

Pavilion number:S2319, 1st Floor, South Building, Kaohsiung Exhibition Center